Washroom Supplies Birmingham

Protect your staff and business from the spread of germs and unhygienic working conditions

For the health and safety of employees and any guests who are visiting your business, it has never been more important to manage the levels of hygiene in all your washroom facilities.

To ensure that you are meeting the required duty of care and strict regulations set by the government, having access to sufficient and effective supplies that prevent the spread of germs and bacteria is essential.

Medicare provides washroom supplies to keep premises all over Birmingham sanitary and hygienic

At Medicare, we are pleased to be able to support your business with top quality washroom supplies to fit your budget and requirements.

If you are unsure of the needs of your washroom, then we can help assess that for you. Committed to offering great value at every opportunity, we can provide a free, no obligation washroom survey for your business.

Our washroom supplies cover a wide range of products so that you are completely covered, including air fresheners, soap dispensers and washroom vending. Working to an agreed schedule that best suits you, we can make sure that you never run out of any such supplies, providing a one stop solution for a better washroom environment.

Medicare is committed to forging long term partnerships with all of its customers and are trusted by many industry sectors including hospitals, schools and care homes to deliver top quality washroom supplies at affordable prices time and time again.

For more information on how to reduce the risk of contamination in your washroom and guarantee that cleanliness comes first in  your business, contact Medicare today on 0800 328 5047, or send an email enquiry to sales@medicare.ltd.uk.

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