Sanitary Bins

Sanitary Bins are a vital item for the controlled containment and disposal of washroom waste.

Medicare provides sanitary bins which help your premises to meet the legal guidelines on hygiene.

If no sanitary bins are provided in washrooms on your premises, there is nowhere for waste to be disposed of.

Our range of sanitary bins reduce mess, not only serving a functional purpose but also having stylish and contemporary designs to ensure they suit the decoration of your washroom and are serviced 13 times per year as standard.

To further minimise the spread of germs, our sanitary bins can be pedal operated, meaning that the user’s hands never touch the bin and less bacteria is picked up.

We also offer innovative touch-free sanitary bins; the latest in feminine hygiene disposal. These automatic, sensor activated bins allow no chance for contact with harmful bacteria.

Other essential sanitary hygiene items are available from Medicare Ltd, including sanitary bin deodoriser and sanitary disposal bag dispensers which all contribute to keeping your washrooms clean, pleasant and as free of germs as possible.

To discuss how Medicare Ltd can take care of your sanitary bin and disposal requirements, leaving your washrooms safe, hygienic and tidy, call 0800 328 5047 or email your enquiry to us at

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