Sanitary Bins Midlands

To meet Workplace Regulations, it is essential that you have sanitary bins in place at your Midlands Business

The levels of hygiene in your washrooms and premises are an important consideration for any business. You have a responsibility to protect your staff and visitors from the spread of germs and bacteria by having sanitary bins available at all times for the safe containment and disposal of sanitary waste.

How confident are you that your business is meeting all these health and safety regulations for the segregation, collection and disposal of sanitary waste that you must fulfil?

Medicare provides fully managed washroom services to address common issues faced by businesses

Like all our other washroom services, Medicare offers a fully managed service on our sanitary bins, with a collection service that can be scheduled to your budget and requirements.

Always an affordable choice, no matter the size of your business, we will arrange our collection service to suit you, making it easy for you to have sanitary bins in your washrooms. For peace of mind so that you can concentrate on the day to day running of your company, we will take care of every aspect for you as part of our pro-active approach, with fast installation and continuing to give your individual needs our full attention from then onwards for a pleasant washroom experience for visitors time and time again.

Our trained professionals are licensed to carry and dispose of sanitary waste, fully complying with all relevant regulations surrounding sanitary bins, waste and its environmentally friendly disposal. Changing the liner of the sanitary bin, relining and sterilising the unit or replacing the sanitary bin with a clean fresh one on every visit, we ensure that you are provided with a complete solution, avoiding unhygienic conditions in your washrooms.

Available in chrome and white, our best in class sanitary bins can fit in with any décor thanks to a modern and stylish design. A hands free operation that prevents cross-contamination, our range of sanitary bins includes auto sensor bins and pedal operated bins that conceal sanitary waste from view and also contain germicide for continual freshness and protection. Alongside our sanitary bins, we have sanitary disposal bag holders for sanitary waste before it is placed in the unit. This helps to reduce any drainage issues, odours and is kinder to the environment than flushing any waste.

Unlike our competitors who will often charge for necessary certificates, Medicare always aims to save you money by providing all the relevant Duty of Care and Waste Management Licenses free of charge, as well as offering fixed prices on all our sanitary bins and services, with a no price increase or hidden costs guarantee.

To make sure that your Midlands business is complying with all the relevant legislation for sanitary bins and disposal of waste, contact Medicare today by calling 0800 328 5047 or sending an email enquiry to for more information and advice.

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