The disposal of medical waste in your organisation requires that you follow all necessary legal requirements

For any organisation that handles medical waste, there can often be much apprehension and concern over conducting an appropriate means of disposal. This can often cost precious time when trying to find a waste collection solution that will fit a strict budget and usage.

Medicare provide a tailored medical waste service to suit the needs of your organisation

Medicare work hard to make sure that all an organisations medical waste is disposed of correctly and safely, so you don’t have to.  With expert insight into all legal guidelines and legislation that govern how medical waste should be treated, we provide the best level of service available at the most cost-effective price.

Some medical waste can be classified as hazardous, accordingly it is essential that every organisation has the peace of mind that they can rely on a highly experienced team of experts with the knowledge to identify any waste that can cause harm to the environment and implement the best medical waste service.

ISO certified and fully licensed to securely transport medical waste, Medicare provide scheduled medical waste services that are available to hospitals, GP surgeries and medical centres, with a proven history for being both courteous and efficient. We can support the needs of your organisation with a variety of medical waste, whether it is the segregation, collection and disposal of contaminated sharps, pharmaceutical waste, ophthalmic waste, or dental waste.

For more information on this recorded medical waste service that reports back to your organisation at every step of the process, call our Midlands team on 0800 328 5047, or send an email enquiry to


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