How your business handles its hazardous waste disposal has never been more important

A wide range of organisations and industry sectors produce waste that is hazardous, of which they are responsible in ensuring that it is disposed of properly.

Often this first will require assistance in identifying which waste is actually considered to be hazardous, followed by finding a safe and appropriate means of disposal. There are many strict and binding obligations fixed by the law as well as your own company’s policies that must be abided by when managing and categorising any hazardous waste.

Medicare provide a hazardous waste disposal service tailored to the needs of your Birmingham Organisation

For obvious reasons, hazardous waste disposal can therefore be a great cause of concern and worry for many businesses who must stay within all the necessary legal guidelines that have been established.

Medicare are able to guarantee that your organisations hazardous waste will result in no harm coming to humans or the environment by providing a hazardous waste disposal service that takes your waste requirements seriously and professionally. A team of experts trained in hazardous waste disposal, we are able to determine the best means of removal, delivering a full package service that is scheduled to always suit the waste output and budget of your organisation.

Here at Medicare we have a long and successful experience of handling waste that is known to be hazardous, including dental waste, clinical waste, ophthalmic waste and pharmaceutical waste, with all the relevant authorisation needed to transport it for you. Beginning a long and indispensable relationship with us is easy but will do the hard work for your organisation to ensure that you are provided with all the required paperwork that details every step of the hazard waste disposal service, covering you completely from any risk by working in firm alignments with conditions set by the Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005.

For more information on how to more efficiently meet your organisations hazardous waste disposal requirements, call 0800 328 5047 to speak to one of our Birmingham based team or, alternatively, send an email enquiry to

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