Hand Dryers

If hands are left with excess moisture on them after washing, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

Hand dryers are the perfect solution to this problem as most of our models dry hands in 20 seconds or less, just by putting them under the vent.

Our hand dryers are easy to use we have several hand dryer models which are lower energy consumption or eco-friendly hand dryers, meaning that you save money on the running cost and limit the impact on the environment.

Unlike paper towels, hand dryers are more hygienic as the bacteria still thrives in damp paper towels, whereas hand dryers eliminate that excess water altogether. Hand dryers do not produce any waste either, like paper towels do.

We only use the leading suppliers so we are confident that our hand dryers are durable and will have a long working life, though we do offer servicing and maintenance if the need arises.

To find out more about how Medicare Ltd provide you with easy to use, hygienic hand dryers with low running costs, call 0800 328 5047 or send an email enquiry to sales@medicare.ltd.uk.

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