Dental Waste Disposal Birmingham

Ensure that your Birmingham based dentist practice is complying with the latest legislation

A growing concern for any dentist practice, changes in the law make it crucial to abide by all protection acts and directives when disposing of any waste.

Dental study moulds, an integral aspect of the dentistry industry, contain gypsum that has been explicitly banned from landfill sites. It is therefore essential that in order to avoid prosecution from Environment Agencies in the UK, a simple and affordable waste collection service that aiders to any existing and developing regulations is scheduled.

Medicare provide a dental waste disposal service so that you are not putting your practice at risk

With a long and successful experience of working alongside the dentist industry, Medicare have a vast knowledge of all the legal obligations that prohibit the disposal of a variety of dental waste with other commercial and trade waste.

To prevent any harm coming to environment, including the production of toxic sulphide gas found if dental waste is just simply disposed of with biodegradable waste, Medicare deliver an instant recycling solution that is tailored toward your usage and budget.

A licensed carrier of all dental waste, including clinical waste and sharps, Medicare are best positioned to provide the different containers and collection services required. With simple and affordable prices, our all-inclusive waste notes give you the peace of mind that your dental waste which can often contain mercury, has been transported and disposed of in the safest and most environmentally friendly manner.

If you are interested in getting help for your practice with duty of care or just looking for advice and guidance on the right dental waste disposal service to suit you, contact Birmingham based Medicare on  0800 328 5047, or send an email enquiry to

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