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Hygiene and Clinical Supply Solutions

Medicare Ltd is one of the leading companies in the hygiene industry and has been providing the highest quality hygiene services for our customers for many years. This experience has provided us with the knowledge and products necessary to deliver the very best in washroom hygiene and medical waste solutions for you – ensuring complete satisfaction by tailoring our hygiene products and services to your exact requirements.

We always endeavour to maintain healthy relationships with our customers to enhance our service further by discovering your specific requirements – so we can be completely confident that we are giving you the best hygiene service possible for your money. Medicare offer customers fixed-price contracts so you can be safe in the knowledge that you will not incur any hidden or additional costs when choosing us to provide you with high levels of hygiene.

Our comprehensive clinical waste service means you can be sure that any harmful waste will be collected and loaded safely and then disposed of in a way which meets any regulations that are currently in place. For more information regarding our medical waste collection service, give one of our dedicated team a free call today on 0800 328 5047.

Washroom Services

We have washroom services that can provide you with all the products you need to keep your toilets in a clean and useable condition. We can also offer the users of your washrooms the very best products to ensure their hygiene is maintained to an extremely high standard. Our range of washroom services includes hand hygiene, clinical waste services, sanitary disposal, medical waste disposal and nappy disposal services – covering a variety of different aspects of hygiene with a wide range of products and services.

With our washroom services come improved hygiene and a cleaner quality environment which reduces the spread of infection and the carrying of bacteria and germs. So for safer toilets – and therefore premises – give Medicare Ltd a call today on 0800 328 5047 and one of our experienced team will be able to assist you in any matter regarding hygiene and washroom services.

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